She better back up I saw him first


There’s always two sides to a person.

( L ) - Independent roleplay/ask account for Mr. L and Luigi from Super Mario Bros.
( L ) - Very versatile in roleplay styles. (Novella, Para, One-liners, etc )
( L ) - Crossover, AU, OC friendly.
( L ) - 11 years of roleplay experience. 3+ years roleplaying on Tumblr.
( L ) - Open to M!As and willing to accept most of them.
( L ) - A literate and generally SFW blog, aside from language and occasional violence. Smut is not allowed.
( L ) - Single ship. One ship for each of the boys.
( L ) - Ask box is always open! The mun and muses are always open for interaction/inquiries.
( L ) - Tracking the tag #luweege.

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There’s always two sides to a person.

( L ) - Independent roleplay/ask account for Mr. L and Luigi from Super Mario Bros.

( L ) - Very versatile in roleplay styles. (Novella, Para, One-liners, etc )

( L ) - Crossover, AU, OC friendly.

( L ) - 11 years of roleplay experience. 3+ years roleplaying on Tumblr.

( L ) - Open to M!As and willing to accept most of them.

( L ) - A literate and generally SFW blog, aside from language and occasional violence. Smut is not allowed.

( L ) - Single ship. One ship for each of the boys.

( L ) - Ask box is always open! The mun and muses are always open for interaction/inquiries.

( L ) - Tracking the tag #luweege.

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[[ Hiatus ]]


“Oh no, I-I insist! The park is actually really beautiful at night. I think you’ll really like it!” He paused. “O-or at least I hope you would.” And then laughed nervously. 6:00 wasn’t too dark out anymore so Luigi was fine with it.

And if he was going to be dating a Shadow, he probably had to get used to the dark anyway… Better start now.

“There are lights all around and there’s a great view of the castle. And vendors! We could probably eat there too i-if you don’t mind…”

Hearing Luigi’s enthusiasm about the whole thing definitely made her feel a lot better about dragging him out after the sun is already down. Some humans did actually like going on night outings, so maybe it really wasn’t so bad afterall!

"I-is it…?" Her head tilted, her smile brightening. "Oh I am very excited, then!"

It was still very nice of Luigi to consider her so much that he was willing to go out at nighttime for her. That kind of gesture made Vivian’s heart flutter more than it already was.

"Gee whiz… it sounds amazing! I-I am sure we will have fun, hmm hmm.~"

The shadow cleared her throat a bit, awkwardly shifting her tail a bit beneath her. “.. I suppose this is where we part ways for now, mm?” Vivian gazed up at him slowly, lifting up a hand to wave bashfully.

”.. G-goodbye for now, Weegee-kun.. Sweet dreams tonight.. I’ll see you tomorrow..~”

… I’m-a Luigi, numba one~!

Random roleplayer meme.

How I look when roleplaying normally.

How I look when roleplaying pairings/smut.

How I look when a god mod shows up. 

How I look when I am impatient for a reply.

How I look when a roleplay dies.

How I look when real life people catch me roleplaying.

Alright roleplayers let’s see your variations!

[[ Ya know… I’m starting to realize something. At first I called bs on how Paper Mario TTYD stated that Vivian is so cute she can infatuate anyone…

But… as of lately, I might be a believer… o.o; ]]

ask-vivian »» meromerokissu

wasn’t digging my url so… ta-dah!

I changed it to the Japanese name for her Infatuation move.

[[ Literally means ‘love love kiss’ ]]




This goes out to my followers, the people who have unfollowed me,  acquaintances of the people whom I hurt in my tirade, people whom I’ve never met before, and anyone who happened to unfortunately see the disparaging hate mail that stemmed from my fingertips.

Before you say anything more, all I ask is that you hear me out. After that, you can cut off contact with me forever or whatever you may wish to do.

From the bottom of my heart, I am truly sorry for every word I said in that fit of rage. You have every right to be disappointed in me, and quite frankly I deserve every bit of it, I deserve to lose every last follower I have and every ounce of their respect towards me for the cowardly act I did.

It was all because of jealousy; that nasty green monster that eats away at you from the inside and chases away your friends and people who care about you. It’s also my fault too, my fault for not holding that impulse in and preventing all of this from ever occurring in the first place.

I don’t care about being “the best Mario” anymore. It shouldn’t matter if one wants to be the best Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser.. All I want is to be the best I can be.. and quite frankly stooping to the level of anon hate and hate mail in general is not being the best I can be. I’m better than that, and I bet if Mario was real, he’d be frowning down at me for being such a mean-spirited person who ruins everyone’s fun and enjoyment with my jealousy and self-righteousness.

Bronies, furries, people that I don’t even know who were offended.. I apologize to you too. To be more specific, I apologize to Dusk, the person whom had to endure my hate that I unleashed upon him for no reason. He didn’t deserve it, he didn’t deserve any of it.. and I lost many friends including him because of what I said. He was a good friend of mine before my jealousy destroyed and  torn apart our relationship.

Fellow Marios, you have the right to exist and do whatever you want without me pushing or bullying you around.

Dimentio-mun, Doopliss. You were supportive of me from the very beginning, and my ways of demeaning and lecturing you for ‘not playing your characters right’ was uncalled for and unneeded .

Jackie, Mr. L, Kirby, everyone else, and the friends of those whom I hurt, I send my heartfelt apologies towards you as well.

I regret every last word I said that was hateful, and I hope to turn over a new leaf and get along with all of you.

You can forgive me, or not forgive me. If you don’t I completely understand, but I’m glad you still read this anyway.




are you really sorry or are you sorry you got caught

that was the most awful thing I have ever had the misfortune of walking in upon. You should really, apologize to the people you harrassed to the point of tears individually, as the individuals that they are and not a public post that feels more about saving face than being sincerely apologetic.

You made people cry.

You made people retreat to back up muses.

You made people uncomfortable that they were talking to someone who could turn around and send them hate the next. 

You then displayed the level of gall toward someone that to me, was a display of power you thought you had, as if they weren’t going to show a face of anon who caused a lot of self-doubt, tears, and pain; as an arrogant dude on a tyrade to be da best.

You linked this post to me on skype, and I had to investigate what the shit prompted this post, asking individuals and looking at blog histories and WOW was I horrified. 

I can’t even eloquently display the wrong right here.

I am never on this Mario, to be honest, I have never clicked with the fandom itself BUT the people of the fandom? They’re great, creative, fun loving folks who do NOT deserve to cry and be bullied. The ‘band of marios’ was one of the most fun I had with the fandom and it was a nice memory because the Marios muns were such joksters and rallying in a sense of family with everyone.

The fact someone so mean could play Mario is a feat!

I’m seriously disappointed and I feel empathetic pain of the others who suffered cause of those messages. I feel offense without even being involved now that I know the prompt of this letter.

I just


I think Nova-mun put it best. Someone who is truly sorry would go through the effort of apologizing individually. When you apologize publicly like this it honestly just gives people the impression that you’re just trying to save your reputation.

I’m not going to lie to you man. What you pulled in this community, among people who are all very tight knit as a group mind you, is really disgraceful. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’d be amazed if you were forgiven for this wide-spread hate you’ve displayed to everyone.

Here’s something to keep in mind. If you want to be the best at anything, you don’t get there by being a complete and total douche to other people. No one is going to respect you, no one is going to like you, and no one is going to want to be around you.

I told you before and I warned you. The bad things that you do will always catch up to you. It’ll hurt everyone around you, cause people to push you away, and leave you all by your lonesome without a single soul trusting you.

Here’s my advice. Learn how to respect people and learn how to control your anger. And maybe even get away from the computer for a little while, especially if you’re angry at someone on it. No one deserves the treatment you’ve given.

You’ve displayed a tremendous amount of hate and bigotry to this community that I honestly can’t see being forgiven just because you apologize. Take a hiatus, work on changing yourself and your behavior, do some soul searching, then come back. Avoid treating people like this in the future if you want people to like you and respect you.

It’s hard for me to dislike people, man. I have a ridiculous amount of patience because I’ve had to put up with so much shit from people throughout my entire life. But you’ve pushed me over the edge with this, frankly. You’ve not only sent hate to me, but you’ve sent hate to all of my friends and fellow roleplayers. Not cool.

I’ve already decided for myself that I’m not gonna forgive this behavior. Because there isn’t a single excuse in the world for treating a mass amount of people like total shit and making many feel worthless, and even cry.

That doesn’t mean no one else will, but you’re gonna have to do a hell of a lot more than write a silly letter to gain even a shred of respect back.

Actions speak far louder, so you might want to get to work. Specifically on yourself.



Ok, so I’m getting messages from mariothesuperplumber







((Let it be known that I’m getting hate from this guy. I don’t care who is the better Mario. I personally like that there are so many takes on the character. This guy is going too far.))


WE ROLEPLAY BECAUSE WE HAVE FUN. WHO GIVES A SHIT THAT THERE ARE MANY MARIOS, THE MORE THE MERRIER. this simply means that people want to roleplay as mario, you know what. good for them. that makes me happy. also, BEING TRANSPHOBIC ALSO. ALONG WITH HOMOPHOBIC. Not cool man, let people roleplay. you’re not the ruler of tumblr. 

ALSO, DON’T DISS ON FURRIES AND BRONIES, some are good and some are bad, but don’t judge others. 


I was kinda keeping this a secret cause I didn’t want to start drama, but I may as well add my two cents. So, someone (not gonna reveal names), sent me a submission a while ago showing me a screenshot they took of this guy’s facebook. Apparently he roleplays on there. Anyway, they told me they’re showing me cause they thought I should know who ‘sent me that’, and to warn me that he’s a bad person OOC.

Here’s the screenshot.


Full-size. He’s in my inbox about to send me anon hate of a severe magnitude just because he thought I was ‘ignoring him’.

I did receive this hate message, word for word, on both this account and on my personal. And I have evidence of myself responding said hate on my personal if anyone questions it. I just deleted it here since I already answered it before.

Anyway, I’m not digging his behavior right now, so I thought I’d add onto this post.


Artist: ちおり
He found himself searching for Vivian, despite being hard to identify with his temporary body giving him that intimidating appearance. Regardless, he called her name repeatedly a number of times before he plopped upon the soft grass below, dissatisfied with the results. It would help if he had magic to assist him in his search, but it was unlikely. "..." ((coNCERNED BEAST IS CONCERNED))



Under normal circumstances, Vivian would come without much hesitation. But today was a bit different. While she didn’t come immediately, she knew she couldn’t just ignore whoever was calling her. It might be urgent, afterall!

So, sure enough, a shadow portal appeared in front of the beast. And from it, rose the pink-haired shadow he was seeking. “.. H-hello… E-erm!…” At first Vivian jumped a bit at the sight of the ‘man’, a little shocked. But then… she got a look at his eyes. “… Dim…?”

"It’s fine… I would guess that would be… A proper reaction, correct? You need not worry yourself with it for now… I’m merely expressing how much you’ve left an impact on me since your surprise visit." He hummed, shifting his gaze back towards the shimmering stars as well. They were awfully bright tonight, in a good sense… And the air wasn’t so chill anymore. It was rather warm this evening, just enough to be comfortable. To the beast, it was practically perfect weather unless the rain arrives… Then it would be magical. He stares for a long period of time towards the heavens above, just breathing in and out with such a calm expression. Perhaps it was her company that brought this level of calm over him… Nothing to really worry about. The world fades for the meanwhile, and you actually feel pretty small compared to the rest of the Earth. What an odd sensation.

"Vivian… Would you like to stay over at my place of residence again? We have a lot more time to talk than we had the last time. Perhaps I may be the one to make you something nice in return… Who knows. All I’m sure about is wanting you much closer to me than ever before." Dim spoke, a voice that would simply have anyone guess they were fully relaxed. He seemed very open right about now, the half lidded eyes showing such. He turns to look at the other, cracking a half smile at her reactions. He says nothing, and allows the maiden to speak.

The shadow was more or less silenced by the beginning sentence, finding herself unsure what to say about it. She definitely had no idea that she’d made him so happy upon her last visit. Granted, Dim was a hard man to read. That mask of his didn’t help much in that fact.

.. Huh.. is that how others feel when they look at her? Wow, eye concealment really did hide a lot of emotion, didn’t it? No wonder others had trouble understanding her sometimes…

At the latter explanation, her cheeks lit up, burning slightly. She didn’t really know whether to be flattered, embarrassed, nervous, awkward…

Oi this was a lot of feelings at once. “.. You.. want me to come over again…?” The maiden gave him a small smile. “I.. wouldn’t mind that… y-your house is definitely a nice place! And your kitchen is so much better than the one in my home!” She giggled, “For one thing, it’s actually clean and stays that way.~”


shh vivian and doopliss are totes best friends. they tell each other their love problems and eat sweets together. no one will tell me otherwise.

Cat Luigi should be its own sexuality
Kirby (light-and-dark-prognosticus)
It’s amazing how two completely different beings can be completely the same… ♥
[[ Gift art of an amazing ship for Kirby, my partner in crime.~ ]]

It’s amazing how two completely different beings can be completely the same…

[[ Gift art of an amazing ship for Kirby, my partner in crime.~ ]]